❄️ Snowflake ❄️




The snowflake is falling from the sky,
Gently, gently to the ground.
Twirling, whirling in the air,
Watching animals everywhere.”

That is the beginning of the latest, winter story. The idea is to find out what polar animals the snowflake has just seen. There are six main animals. Find out if you know them 😉

In the set you will find:

  • an engaging story with movable elements;
  • 6 animal footprints;
  • 6 quest cards;
  • 6 polar animals with words and without;
  • 3 lesson plans with rhymes and engaging activities.

The images are prepared by: Edyta Adamowska – https://www.facebook.com/whitecatprints/
The story is in PDF format. Download it from the store, print it and laminate it.