Nowa Era publisher

In 2020, the publishing house published a textbook which I am a co-author – “Super Heroes”. It was created for 6-year-olds.

I am a co-administrator of the group “Out of the box – pomysły na lekcje angielskiego w przedszkolu”. I make sure that the content posted in the group is interesting and substantive, thanks to which all the ideas are off great help for teachers.

Through a series of recorded videos, together with Karolina Jankowska, we share our knowledge and provide methodical support to teachers who have problems in their everyday work. I created scenarios of performances and lessons for preschool children adapted to the new curriculum in English.

My tasks also include promoting the book title “English Play Box”. The result of my cooperation with the publishing house was the organization of two “Out of the box” conferences, which I had the pleasure to conduct with Karolina Jankowska (links below)


MMPublications publisher

I had the pleasure of conducting workshops for the publishing house during which I shared my knowledge in the field of teaching children in preschool and school age. In addition to the workshops, my task was to create material layouts for the book “Young Stars” levels 1, 2 and 3.



Macmillan publisher

As part of my cooperation with the Macmillan publishing house, I prepared a series of lesson plans for unusual holidays celebrated in kindergartens. I also gave consultations for the poster presenting the birthday calendar.




Bring Teaching to Life

I had the pleasure to co-create the Bring Teaching To Life project. It was created out of passion for innovative teaching methods. Through our activities, we show that learning does not have to be confined to school walls. Innovation can be instilled at any time in your work. Our goal is to convince teachers that the teaching process cannot be placed in a rigid framework. We break stereotypes by showing that teaching is a fascinating and surprising process.



I addressed one of my projects to teachers at risk of losing their jobs. Due to the dynamically changing labor market, more and more people are wondering about their future. Through the workshops I organized and the knowledge of invited guests, I wanted to show teachers the new possibilities and opportunities that stand in their way. The participants could learn, among other things: how to start their own business and increase their professional potential by looking for clients independently.



Play Time is a workshop co-organized with Karolina Jankowska. Its aim is to present ideas for working with a large group of preschoolers. Both the substantive and organizational side was dependent on us. Our task is to attract participants and organize the entire event. Serial trainings were met with great interest, they gathered over 150 people, who, in a friendly atmosphere, could learn ideas for maintaining discipline and motivation through the use of educational games and activities.




In the track of Beatrix Potter

Lake District, Anglia

Fascinated by the work of Beatrix Potter, I decided to share my knowledge with other teachers. I was a co-organizer of the workshops entitled In the footsteps of Beatrix Potter, held in England in the Lake District. The 3-day trip allowed me to present ideas for both the youngest students and those slightly older who are interested in technology.





Hight 5
I have the great pleasure to participate in the High 5 e-event. Each edition is associated with number 5 –
5 ideas for …
… active games for 5-year-olds;
… musical, spring inspirations;
… Survival English for children in grades 1-3;
A dozen or so bloggers, well-known from the teaching blogosphere, take part in the event and share their experiences and knowledge with other teachers.

Another amazing initiative for teachers. E-magazine where I share my ideas. So far, I have had the pleasure to write:
– Colour the world of a preschooler – language games and activities;
– Let’s play !;
– The verb can.

Paper edition

I am pleased to be one of the authors of the “Get creative” magazine, which is aimed at English teachers teaching in kindergartens and grades 1-3. Until now, I was responsible for articles on scenarios for preschool performances:
– Goldilocks and Three Bears;
– Holidays;
– Halloween;
– Halloween;


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