Autumn Fruit and Vegetables


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Finally! The continuation of the squirrel story. If you want to find out what is the grandma’s house, you have to get to know my latest idea. Apart from the secret that has been revealed, thanks to the story your students will learn the vocabulary about:

  • autumn fruit and vegetables;
  • dishes;
  • sports.

In the set you will get:

  • the story;
  • 2 lesson scenarios;
  • 19 fruit, vegetables and dishes flashcards with words;
  • 19 fruit, vegetables and dishes flashcards;
  • cut-outs to perform a rhyme;
  • flashcards with sports and dishes.

If you are interested in the story, below you will find a recording of the whole text:

The images are prepared by: Edyta Adamowska –
The story is in PDF format. Download it from the store, print it and laminate it.